Our New Reality

As many of you know, Frieda’s mom and mine both live with us.  Two weeks ago my mother was put on oxygen full time and that has really impacted both the home and studio situations.  An Eighty-nine year old using a rolling walker really can’t pull an oxygen generator or even a travel tank around with them.  Therefore, someone has to be on hand anytime she needs to move beyond the 30 feet her hose will reach to reposition the apparatus for her.  This basically equates to Frieda or me being home all the time meaning we cannot be at the studio together.

We are working it out and I don’t mean to whine.  We are grateful to have them both still with us.  I’m only sharing this so you can understand if our studio operations seem different.  Unfortunately you’ll be dealing with me more often and Frieda less even though I know she is far more fun.  We really appreciate all our friends and family are doing to help us adjust to this new reality and we ask for your understanding and prayers.

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