Giving Thanks Not Going Through the Motions

     Thanksgiving week will be filled with food, family, football, and shopping for many of us including me for three of the four.  (I don’t plan to do much shopping!)  But I also want to put in plenty of time for real thanksgiving.  I surely have much to be thankful for, and not only do I want to first and foremost thank God for His blessings over my life.  I want to thank people who have done so much to enrich my existence with their love, generosity, kindness, and encouragement.  If I start listing the things I am thankful for, it will fill up lots more space than any of you want to read so I’ll keep it short and just hit the highpoints.  Here goes:  God for His presence, family for their love and tolerance, friends for their encouragement and caring, church for its worship and teaching, the studio for the passion and joy it puts in my life and the great clients who have become good friends, and health.  I am particularly mindful of the latter this year given the miracle of the discovery of my AAA condition and the wonderful care of Dr. Wellborn and the staff of Huntsville Hospital. 

     Thank you for being my friend and sharing this wonderful journey with me.  I hope you will find time to give your thanks throughout this special season!

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