Floods are not much fun!

If you have never experienced a flood in your home or business, trust me, you haven’t missed anything worth having. 

Sometime during the night of January 31-February 1, the pressure reduction valve on the main water line coming into the studio failed causing a supply line under a bathroom sink to burst.  By the time we found it Friday morning, there was two plus inches of water in the whole back half of the suite.  I can’t say enough good things about Admiral Cleaning and Restoration.  They arrived within an hour and started pumping water and then set up fans and dehumidifiers.  Perhaps most important, they told us what we needed to get out of the building because of the expected buildup of humidity to be followed by total drying with high heat and extremely low humidity.  Every print in the house came out and went to my home for safekeeping—displays and orders.  Of course all the props, stands, and other stuff in the storage rooms and the camera room had to be moved out, too. The major loss was the laminate floor in the camera room.  There was no damage to any photography equipment, orders, or camera files.

Couple of lessons learned:  We had some backdrops with their bottom half on the floor.  Obviously they got wet.  Since this was clean water, they have dried with no discoloring.  Also, we had left a couple of power strips plugged in and on the floor.  That could have been a real disaster with will the standing water, but none of them was submerged.  Needless to say we won’t have those situations in the future.

You never know when something like this could happen so I recommend you take a hard look at your own home and office and ask, “Is anything laying on the floor that would be damaged if it got wet?”  If the answer is yes, you probably ought to move it.

We expect to be back in full operations Saturday, February 9th.  Sometime after that we’ll have to take Saturday and lay the laminate, but I still have to select it and get it ordered.

Hope you are enjoying the great weather we’re having just now, because we know it won’t last.  After all, it is February!

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